Professional Traders

Professional Trading

Professional Trading

With a professional account come extra account features not available to retail clients and in the same time, less regulatory protections.

We are here to offer you a professional trading experience based on your personal requirements and trading styles. Our goal is to make trading better for everyone and support our growing community of traders to advance their goals and identify market opportunities. EzInvest offers its clients direct access to the currency markets including major and minor world currencies, commodities, indices and stocks and advantageous trading conditions.

Let’s take a look at how you can

Make the best use of your Professional Trading Account!

Starting trading through a professional trading account is very easy. Please note that by trading with a professional account you’ll waive regulatory protections designed for less experienced traders.

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Check Your Eligibility Now

You must be able to meet at least two of the following criteria to qualify as a professional trader:

• You have traded a significant size of CFDs (at least 10 lots per quarter over the previous four (4) quarters).
• You have at least one year of professional work experience in the financial sector
• The size of your portfolio (including cash and financial instruments) must exceed 500,000 Euros