Trading instruments


Trading Instruments

Trading Forex

Forex trading is accessible, exciting, educational and offers traders lots of opportunities.

Start trading more than 190 FX spot pairs, in one of the most dynamic markets in the world in terms of transactions.

Trading The World

Investing in the world's most popular financial markets has never been easier.

EZInvest is an industry-leading choice for online trading in Forex, Currency, Commodities and Indices. It offers an array of trading & investment products to suit your needs and help you reach your investing goals.

Trading Commodities

Start trading in one of the most popular markets, offering a world of choices and the opportunity to invest on a diverse range of products. Start trading Gold, Silver or Oil prices.

Trading Stocks

Start trading the most famous stock CFDs such as Amazon, Alphabet, Apple without any restrictions through an advanced trading environment. Search ideas to find stocks from different sectors, geographical data and global performance with graphics and complete information.

Trading Indices

There are a wide variety of indices markets available for you to trade with us. Get access to major international stock indices.

Trading Cryptocurrencies

We offer a continuously growing selection of cryptocurrencies on the world's leading crypto exchange. As you may know trading and investing in the crypto market has become very popular in recent years and not without reason.

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