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Start trading the most famous stock CFDs such as Amazon,
Alphabet, Apple without any restrictions through an advanced trading environment.

Search ideas to find stocks from different sectors, geographical data and global performance with graphics and complete information.

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We have engineered a powerful online and in-person educational platform that will help you become an effective trader. Having all of the components put together in the right way will help you avoid disasters and improve your results.

FAQ about Stocks

A stock or share is a financial instrument that represents ownership in a company or corporation and a proportionate claim on its assets and earnings. Stock traders buy and sell stocks to capitalize on daily price fluctuations.

With EZInvest, buying stocks is really easy. You log in to your account, search for the shares you would like to trade, insert the number of shares you wish to buy, and click buy or execute the buy order, as a real trader would say. After buying the shares you need to follow your investment plan or strategy. You can plan to hold the shares for a long time or sell them immediately, once you see some increase in their price. Some traders can set the target price at which they want to sell the share with a profit or use the stop-loss to set a price at which they want to sell the share to avoid further losses.

The regular trading hours for the U.S. stock market (including the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq) are from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays. But sometimes trading can also occur outside normal stock market hours.
Regarding their market performance, some stocks receive a blue-chip status, typically a status earned by businesses that perform the strongest in the market.