All About Trading

All About Trading

1. Login to your account
2. Select ‘trading platforms accounts’ tab within the My Account page
3. Click ‘Open now live account’or ‘free demo account’ accordingly
4. Fill in the required details and click ‘Submit’.

No. Only the person who registers for the account can trade.

In the My Account section you can see all your live, demo investment accounts.

As many as you wish under the subaccount options.

You can find a full list of all the Trading Instruments we offer our home page.

You can find full information on our ‘Trading Accounts‘ page.

Leverage is fixed based on the asset and limited with 1:30 maximum for retail clients.

Standard, Mini and Micro.

Maximum volume per trade is 25.

This is a fee charged for keeping positions open on each instrument over a certain period of time (Overnight charge).

Between 23:59:45 – 00:00:00 (EET), from Monday to Friday.

Any orders held from Wednesday to Thursday are charged three times as much due to the inclusion of weekend fees.

You can check out the different Margin Call and Stop Out Levels depending on the account type here

Message: “no connection’ means you’ve selected the wrong server.

Message: “invalid account” means you’ve entered the wrong ID/password.

Asia: 00:00 – 9:00 (GMT)

Europe: 08:00 – 17:00 (GMT)

New York: 13:00 – 22:00 (GMT)

Yes, however trading can be extremely risky at that time.

Spreads are known to increase during volatile conditions, this does not happen from our side but depends on our liquidity providers.

– Live Economic Calendar.

– Market News feed

– Analyst views

– WebTV

Yes, for specific accounts we offer daily independent third party analysis and signals.

For Windows PC:

1. Download and install the indicator and log in to your trading platform.
2. Select the ‘Open data folder’ from the ‘File’ tab.
3. Click ‘MQL4’ and then ‘Indicators’ and drag the indicator from your desktop to the new folder that opens.
4. Exit your platform and log in again.
Check your Navigator Window to find your new indicator.


1. Go to the ‘Applications’ folder and right click (Command + click) on the trading platform icon.
2. Select ‘Show Package Contents’ and click ‘Drive C’.
3. Navigate to ‘Program Files’ and then to the relevant trading platform folder.
4. Select ‘MQL4’ and then click ‘Indicators’.
5. Drag and drop your indicator to the window that opens.

Select ‘Tools’ and then ‘New Order’ from within your trading platform.

Complete the required information in the new window.

1. Right/Double click on the trade you wish to close.
2. Once the order window opens, click ‘Close’ and then ‘OK’.
You can view all closed positions in the ‘Account History’ tab.

You can set your Stop Loss/Take Profit in the new order window.

Because of the spread and commission being applied.

Possible reasons:

Your account is set to read-only.

You are logged in using your read-only password.

Your read-only password is the same as your trading account password.

You haven’t made the minimum deposit required for that account.

Yes, this is called ‘hedging’.

Your position will remain open and will be rolled over (at a swap charge) to the next trading day.

The first thing you should do is change your trading account password .

Then you should take a look at your trading history:

1. Click on the ‘Journal’ tab in your MT4 platform.
2. Within the ‘Journal’ tab, right click anywhere and select ‘Open’.
3. View your trading activity.
Please note that if you’re using the MT4 platform on more than one device, you will have to retrieve all log files in order to your entire history.

If you need any help, please contact Customer Support.

Equity = Balance + Credit + Profit/loss + Swap + Commission

Margin = Notional value / Leverage

Example: 1 lot EUR/USD at 1:500 Leverage:

100,000 EUR / 500 = 200 EUR

For metals = Volume * Contract Size * Open Price / Leverage

Example: 1 lot XAUUSD: 1 * 100 * 1,263.14 / 500 = $252.63

For shares = Volume * Contract Size * Open Price * Margin %

Example: 1 lot AAPL: 1 * 100 * 42.96 * 0.04 = $171.84

Free Margin = Equity – Used Margin

Margin Level = Equity/Margin Used x 100

You can also calculate your margin level using our Margin Calculator.

Swaps = Pip value x Number of lots x Swap rate x Number of nights

0.0001 or 0.01 x notional value (depends on the currency – 4th decimal for 5 decimal currencies and 2nd for 3 decimal currencies)

We offer the MT4, mobile tading and EZInvest Webtrader

Windows: Windows 7 and onwards.

Mac: Mac OS X and onwards.

1. Select the trading platform in the ‘Trading Platforms’ section in and click Launch
2. Save the downloaded file and double click to open.
3. Click ‘Run’ and allow the program to run.
4. Read and accept the terms and conditions
5. Click ‘Next’ to finalise the installation

1. Go to the ‘Security and Privacy’ section in System Preferences.
2. Click on the lock icon and enter your pc username and password.
3. Click on the ‘General’ tab and select ‘Anywhere’ in the ‘Allow applications downloaded from’ setting.
4. Click on ‘Allow from anywhere’ in the pop-up window that appears.
5. Re-run the application.

Yes you can, by installing it to a different location.

After following the first 4 steps from ‘How to install the MT4 on a Windows PC’ continue with the steps below:

1. Instead of ‘Next’ click on ‘Settings’.
2. Click ‘Browse’ and select a different/new folder to save your platform and click ‘OK’.
3. It is recommended that you change the name of your folder from the ‘Program Group’ field.
4. Click ‘Next’ to finalise the installation.

You can find your trading account number and password in the email you received after opening the account.

1. Select the ‘Login’ option in the ‘File’ menu after opening your platform.
2. Enter your account number and password.
3. Select the appropriate server and click ‘Login’.

Simply select any currency symbol from the Market Watch window and then select ‘Show All’.

For entering the size of the position you want to enter. Volume is measured in lots.

Because you don’t have enough free margin.

The selected Lot size and Stop Loss/Take Profit is incorrect.

1. Login to the platform and go to the ‘Tools’ section.
2. Click ‘Options’ then ‘Server’.
3. Select the ‘Enable News’ box and click ‘OK’.
Please note that news tab may require additional CPU usage, which could potentially slow down your platform, during periods of heavy economic announcements.

1. Log in to your trading platform and press Ctrl+T.
2. In the ‘Terminal’ window that appears select ‘Account History’ and right click anywhere in the new window.
3. Select or customise the timeframe.
To save your history:

1. Select ‘Save as Report’ or ‘Save as Detailed Report’ after right clicking on the ‘Account History’ window.
2. Choose the file destination and click ‘Save’.
Please note that your history will be saved as an .html file and it can be viewed by dragging the file into your browser window.

1. Open the MT4 platform and click ‘Tools’.
2. Select ‘History Center’ and double click on the currency pair.
If you the currency pairs don’t appear double click on one of the on one of the currency categories (FX Majors, FX Minors, FX Exotics).
3. Click ‘Download’.

First you need to enable chart auto-scroll:

1. Right click anywhere on the chart and select ‘Properties’.
2. From the ‘Common’ tab select the ‘Chart auto-scroll’ option and click ‘OK’.
To view the full history:

1. Select ‘Options’ in the ‘Tools’ tab.
2. In the ‘Charts’ you will see a field ‘Max bars in chart’.
3. Enter the number 9999999999999 in the field and press ‘OK’.
You will then be able to scroll through the history with either the ‘PgUp’ button or the left arrow key.

iPhone/iPad: Search for the platform within the App Store and click ‘Get’.

Android: Search for the platform within the Play Store and click ‘Install’ then ‘Accept’.

That your user ID/password is incorrect.

From the ‘Trade’ tab, press and hold the order. Then, select the action you want to take from the pop-up box that appears.

Select the ‘+’ symbol on the top of your application select the category and trading instruments you want to view.


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